Personal Appearances

Diana conducts workshops, dharma discussions, and worship services on mindfulness, wellness, compassion, and spirituality.

She has led workshops or services at the Heartland UU Church, Peace Through Yoga, Friends of Awakening Sangha, Sacred Path UU Church, First Mennonite Church (Spirit & Place public program), Unity Church of Indianapolis, River Light Yoga (Winter Wellness Weekend in Brown County), ThrivExpo, Team Mental Health Services (Detroit), Fairbanks Recovery Center (Spirit & Place public program), The Church Within, All Souls Unitarian Church, Blooming Life Yoga studio, and other locations.

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Event Spotlights

Read about Diana on the Fairbanks website!

Spirit & Place Festival Event Spotlight: Diana J. Ensign,JD, Author

Listen to Diana discuss her book, Traveling Spirit, on Richard Brendan's JourneysFire radio program.

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Upcoming Events

TUESDAY, MARCH 7, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Cultivating Calm & Mindful Meditation Workshop

Cost: $15

Heartland Unitarian Universalist Church
9870 North Michigan Road, Suite B
Carmel, IN 46032
(Located at the back of the parking lot, behind the Enterprise Car Rental)

Join author Diana J. Ensign, J.D. for this informative talk to learn about the benefits of meditation and the use of breath awareness for cultivating inner calm. She will discuss the teachings of Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh and explore mindfulness tools for healthier living.  



"Diana was a guest speaker at Oaklandon UU Church on the topic of spiritual wellness. Her talk was down to earth and filled with practical tips for how people can maintain calm and inner balance. There was much positive feedback afterwards, and we are eager to have Diana come back and speak to us again."
—Kaye McSpadden, Oaklandon UU Church

"Diana's workshop is excellent! Her affirming, peaceful presence is quite empowering. I took home some excellent tools, which I started using the same day. I committed to a 21 day practice of one of the Qigong meditations, which I have been doing, as well as visualizing to help me get to sleep. This workshop contains a great deal of wisdom, which can be used in many daily situations. Her book is an additional resource to continue using as a reference."
—Marolyn Knight, retired clinical social worker 

"Diana’s ‘Why the Work We Do Matters’ worship service was a spot-on message at Heartland UU Church, where we gather to make a difference and not just feel good inside. She walked us through the different ways that our vocations and avocations matter and inspired us with words and examples from history and today.”
– Martin DeAgostino, Heartland Unitarian Universalist Church

"Diana brings a calm and welcoming presence to her workshops that invite participants to engage the subject at hand with her as a dance of dialogue and practice instead of a one-way lecture. Her ability to both go with the flow of what arises from the group in the moment and at the same time keep the session on track makes for a spacious and comfortable environment for exploring deeper topics."
—Kenetha J. Staton, MS, CTS Program Manager and Assistant to the Director

"Diana's Inner Journey workshop helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. Diana creates a welcoming and accepting space that allows others to feel comfortable and at ease. The topics discussed and the tools given were not only helpful in my journey towards healing, but in taking care of myself in everyday life. I would highly recommend this class for anyone interested in living a life filled with inner peace and joy."
—Jenny Winklemann Ramey, workshop participant

"This workshop offered a safe place for me to explore grief and healing. Diana delivered a variety of simple tools that I can take back into my life to use to help navigate grief or any difficult circumstance. Her compassion and generosity of spirit encourage me to sign up for any workshop she offers."
—Lori Robinson, Massage Therapist, M.S., Sports Medicine

"A friend invited me to Diana's workshop at the last minute. Thank goodness I said yes. The energy of Diana and the group was sweet and healing. We shared, drummed, meditated and learned a couple of energy moves. I am now reading Diana's book, Traveling Spirit, that was included with the workshop." —Kathy E., workshop participant