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Traveling Spirit - Diana's Book  

Traveling Spirit: Daily Tools for Your Life's Journey, the new book by Diana is the perfect book for anyone seeking help and guidance with human suffering.

The journey to wholeness starts with the breath, an essential tool for any spiritual undertaking. Find the joy in learning to apply spiritual tools in your daily life. more...

Writing Samples

Homeless Haircuts: Helping Indy Folks Feel Beautiful 

Published in Nuvo.

"One by one, people in the park gradually approach the hairdresser. Shy at first, a boy in his teens asks: 'What do I do?' Summer glances over her shoulder and replies cheerfully, 'Just put your name on the sheet.' She is busy cutting the hair of an older gentleman. 'I’ll call you when it’s your turn,' she says to the teen. Quickly, she finishes brushing off the loose hairs as she removes the black cape from the person seated in front of her. 'What do you think?' she asks, showing him the freshly trimmed hair in a mirror. He nods silently, appreciatively, while looking at his image. He then straightens his shoulders slightly as he rises and strides off. Summer loudly calls out the next name on the list."

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Published in Branches.

Diana's first book Traveling Spirit: Daily Tools for Your Life's Journey was published in 2013. This article is an except from the book.

"The next time your mood is low, rent a funny movie, enjoy a humorous book, or read the comics. Children's books and children's movies cheer me up when I'm feeling down. My daughters and I used to love reading Shel Silverstein's Where the Sidewalk Ends, and Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat. Funny books and movies can help us see the absurdity of the human condition. Use your mind to laugh at yourself and others, with love and tenderness. Remember funny stories and share them with others. Laughter is wonderful medicine for the spirit. Those people who bring levity and humor into our homes, workplaces, and communities should be thanked profusely for sharing that magnificent, healing gift."more...

Happy Birthday, Indiana Youth Group

Published in Nuvo

One of the oldest continually running LGBT youth service organizations in the country, IYG has grown and accomplished much over its 25-year history. With an on-going commitment to helping Indiana's LGBTQ youth, IYG has opened an activity center, implemented youth, school and community programming, supported or formed gay-straight alliances (GSA) and educated business leaders, churches, social workers, health care professionals, school counselors, juvenile criminal-justice workers and many other organizations through LGBT Cultural Competency training. more...

"The Joy Is In The Journey"
The Namaste Center: Get Well, Be Well, Stay Well

Published in The Healing Journal

Founder of the Namaste Center--as well as a nurse and woman diagnosed with breast cancer--Sister Judian understands that healing requires more than a quick fix and treatment of symptoms. She says, "What we do here, at the Namaste Center, is part of a whole approach to systemic healing." Prevention, lifestyle changes, nutrition, inner reflective and emotional work, body work, and mind work are all part of the healing process. "What I am hoping, in the telling of this story," she says, "is that people will understand that Traditional Oriental Medicine is one of the three major medical approaches recognized all over the world." What the Namaste Center offers is a medical model for a system of holistic healing. The center's mission: "Get well, Be well, Stay well." more...


Published in Science of Mind (December 2012)

One thing I've learned as a parent is that change and evo-
lution are constant. It's interesting to think about what we
learned in school thirty to fifty years ago—especially com-
pared with the current technology skills of today's average first
grader. Now, many children enter kindergarten knowing how
to read, count, and maneuver through sophisticated computer
games. By the time they enter high school, they're inventing
new words to keep up with their fast-paced, ever-changing
social media landscape—a landscape that many older genera-
tions (myself included) never could have imagined. more...

Habitat Means Home

Published in Branches

One prayer I often say is, "Help me be of service to all that I love." If you love birds, wildflowers, streams, meadows and forests, then you likely appreciate the beauty and abundance of nature. What may not be as obvious — though critically important — is all that is necessary to support diverse and thriving natural habitats: insects to feed those exquisite birds, healthy soil to produce magnificent native wildflowers, upland woods and swamps to house the threatened copperbelly water snake, and forests teeming with trees so the female endangered Indiana Bat can tuck safely under the bark during warm summer months. more...

Goose Pond: A Wild Indiana Treasure

Published in Nuvo

Goose Pond is located in the Mississippi flyway, a corridor for migrating birds. "Goose Pond is right in path with a lot of waterfowl flying north and south," says Stratman." Birds don't take random paths. They follow patterns, like a braided weave. When the wetlands along the Wabash were drained, part of that flyway weave pattern no longer existed." The Goose Pond project is part of several very large Wetland Reserve Projects that NRCS has put together up and down the Wabash River to help re-establish part of the weave of the Mississippi flyway. As a result, Goose Pond is attracting some of the most diverse array of birds that anyone has ever seen in the state. more...

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Traveling Spirit: Daily Tools for Your Life's Journey

Diana's recent nonfiction book, Traveling Spirit: Daily Tools for Your Life's Journey, shares practical spiritual tools for the ordinary person. For anyone who has ever suffered from a divorce, family addictions, death of a loved one, abandonment, a miscarriage, witness to verbal or physical abuse, a job loss, or single parenting, this book provides tools that promote healing and wellbeing. There is a path to happiness. That path begins within.

Here's an excerpt from the introduction:

“There is a story in Native American traditions of a white buffalo calf woman who brings a Sacred Pipe for the joining of people to Spirit. As told by Bear Heart, one Lakota version of the legend is that Sun and Moon have a daughter, Morning Star. Known as “Most Beautiful One,” she arrives as a white buffalo calf that turns into a beautiful maiden. Two men see her. One has lust in his heart and quickly disappears, enveloped by Spirit. The other man shows her respect. It is him that she sends back to gather people for the teachings of the Sacred Pipe. According to legend, the bowl of the Pipe represents the universe and the stem humankind—all connected one to the other. Tobacco is Wisdom of All Creation at the center. The smoke of the Pipe carries the people’s prayers to Creator: prayers that come from the heart and travel up to Spirit.”