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Diana Ensign writes about the human spirit.  Her prose is beautiful and her deep compassion is evident. Diana’s books are available for purchase online in either paperback or electronic format.  Signed copies of each book are available for purchase directly from Diana, using PayPal as the payment processor, or they can be purchased at any of her eventsThe Freedom to Be and Heart Guide are recipients of Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPY) Gold Medals!

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Faith, Hope, Action Book Cover

Faith, Hope, Action
Ushering in a New Earth Era, Together

A prophetic witness for these stressful times in our Earth’s history, Diana Ensign points the way to a better future. Inspired by a deep love of nature and a concern for our environmental and climate change challenges, Diana embarks on a yearlong quest to learn what we need to do to save our Earth home. Along this journey, she seeks out scientists, farmers, Indigenous teachers, environmental justice advocates, student activists, and faith-based visionaries who are working for a sustainable planet. Propelled by love, Diana also spends reflective time listening to Mother Earth to initiate healing—for ourselves, for our fellow inhabitants, and for our Earth—and she invites us to do the same.

Buying a signed copy directly from Diana helps support her work.

A Moment of Calm
Meditative and Reflective Readings for Inner Peace

A Moment of Calm Book Cover

Whatever our current situation, we can all benefit from more peace and calm in our lives. In A Moment of Calm Diana Ensign provides precisely that for the reader: a tranquil respite from chaotic busyness. Ensign does so not with a “How-To” book of instructions but rather by simply inviting us to take a few moments to peacefully enter the quiet space of our own hearts.

With these 75 beautifully composed meditative essays, we are offered an opportunity to delve deeper into our own lives—discovering the inner peace, healing, and joy available to us in ordinary moments.

“As we navigate these transcendent times, it helps to find those guides who kindly move us along. Diana Ensign’s gentle spirit offers that guidance. Her words remind us that the gifts of peace and harmony are available, and we can move through life’s journey whatever the challenge.”
Jan Richardson Hoss, MS, LMHC, Listening Heart, LLC.

Buying a signed copy directly from Diana helps support her work.

Heart Guide
True Stories of Grief and Healing

Heart Guide Book CoverWhether we have lost a parent, child, spouse, sibling, grandparent, or significant person in our life, death of a loved one can send us reeling. The personal stories here highlight the myriad and unexpected ways people cope with real life struggles when facing traumatic loss. By collectively sharing our most vulnerable accounts of grief, we build a safe harbor around the subject of death — even when the stories are heartbreakingly difficult. When facing loss of a loved one — from suicide, serious illness, overdose, medical mishap, accident, or violent assault — WE CAN HEAL. (2018 IPPY Awards Gold Medal winner.)

“In this fine collection of personal interviews, Diana Ensign gently and skillfully ‘listens into speech’ a variety of honest, heartfelt, and healing stories. Her compassionate, non-judgmental and attentive ear enables each grieving soul to find its voice and to give expression to both pain and resiliency. The result is a gift to us all, as we come to understand that the most deeply personal insight turns out also to be the most universal truth: love bears all things.” — Rev. Dr. Bruce Johnson, Unitarian Universalist Minister

Buying a signed copy directly from Diana helps support her work.

The Freedom to Be
Stories from Transgender Youth, Adults, and Their Families

The Freedom to Be Book Cover

Ensign practices the art of listening from the heart to people who teach us how to love and care for one another on this human journey. In this collection, she shares stories from transgender individuals and their family members who voice their hopes and dreams for a better world. With these candid and insightful narratives, we learn what is needed to become better parents, teachers, doctors, neighbors, friends, and allies to transgender people in our communities. Together, we can stop the violence, end the hatred, support our youth, advocate for equality, and stand for freedom. (2020 IPPY Awards Gold Medal winner.)

“As we begin the process of understanding who we are within the LGBTQ+ community, most of us are incredibly vulnerable, uncertain of our futures, and hoping to find compassion. In those beginnings, we rely on the willingness of others to share their stories with us, honestly and humbly, so we can become who we were always meant to be. The foundation of our community rests in the courage and raw honesty of people like those in The Freedom to Be who are bravely living their truth.”
Chris Handberg, Executive Director Indy Pride, Inc. 

Buying a signed copy directly from Diana helps support her work.

Traveling Spirit
Daily Tools for Your Life’s Journey

Traveling Spirit Book CoverThe journey to wholeness starts with the breath, an essential tool for any spiritual undertaking. Traveling Spirit then goes on to explore ancient spiritual techniques, from the more common practices such as yoga and meditation to the lesser-known practices of t’ai chi and shamanism. Find the joy in learning to apply spiritual tools in your daily life. There’s a link between practicing daily spiritual routines and building a more loving world community! This is the perfect book for anyone seeking help and guidance with human suffering.

“In Traveling Spirit Diana humbly with grace, clarity, and respect shares her spiritual healing journey with personal life experiences. Her openness engages a reader to relate to human suffering and to find peace and even joy. As she describes each tool, such as breath, meditation, yoga or sound (to name a few in the vast array) she provides clear instructions on how to begin to practice, how to feel encouraged as you begin, and how to continue for maximum benefits.”
Jean K Tracy, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Elmhurst, Illinois

Buying a signed copy directly from Diana helps support her work.

When we courageously speak our truth
or quietly listen with compassion,
we are no longer strangers. We are friends.

Diana J. Ensign