Faith, Hope, Action:
Ushering in a New Earth Era, Together

About the Book

Diana Ensign’s book, Faith, Hope, Action: Ushering in a New Earth Era, Together, is a two-year Earth care project that thoughtfully addresses our environmental and climate change challenges. In this book, we hear from a regenerative farmer, religious trailblazers, youth activists, Indigenous guides, environmental nonprofit leaders, wellness professionals, and environmental justice advocates. Ensign listens not only to people who care passionately about the future of our planet, she also listens attentively to Mother Earth for that deep well of wisdom that comes from spending reflective time in nature.

Together, we will find our way forward, toward healthy people and a healthy planet. Included are Book Discussion Topics for conducting your own Earth Sustainability Circles. 

This book received support from an Indiana Arts Commission On-Ramp Entrepreneurial grant.

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Faith, Hope, Action Book Cover

“An earnest antidote to the climate crisis blues.” —Kirkus Reviews


“Diana Ensign’s thoughtful, in-depth, and insightful book, Faith, Hope, Action, illuminates a path for all to follow. Her passion to heal encourages everyone, each in their own unique way, to be part of the solution for the most challenging issues of our time. Her inspiring message brings to mind a quote from Cesar Chavez, ‘It starts with your heart and radiates out.’” Charlie Wiles, Executive Director, Center for Interfaith Cooperation


Faith, Hope, Action imparts the message that change occurs in community and in conversation with each other.” —Gabriel Filippelli, PhD, author of Climate Change and Life


“Tackling the climate change crisis is a task so overwhelming that it stops most people from doing anything. Diana Ensign (who won WATER’s Rosemary Ganley Essay Contest) breaks it down into doable chunks, offering something for everyone to try. Faith, Hope, Action, with its concrete examples, helps and challenges us. Whether building a house with recycled materials, probing one’s faith tradition for inspiration, or eating healthily grown food, the options are endless: And the need is now!” —Mary E. Hunt, PhD, Co-Director, Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual (WATER)


“From my Christian faith perspective, all humanity has the responsibility for ensuring we live respectfully of the abundance entrusted to us by our Creator. Faith, Hope, Action, shows how positive, Earth-conscious actions result in life-affirming change for the whole Earth.” —Rev. Amber Good, Faith & Ecology Education Director Teter Retreat & Organic Farm, Noblesville First United Methodist Church


“A balm for the anxiety and grief so many of us feel!” —Dr. Candace Corson, MD, CEO of Corson Wellness, LLC

During periods of uncertainty, inner stillness brings us strength:
strength of heart, strength of mind, and strength of spirit.

Diana J. Ensign