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Imagination at Play: Let’s Change the World!

Heart of the StarEach morning we are born again. What we do today matters most.

This is an exciting time to be alive. Imagine, we have the creative intelligence, excitement, commitment, and skills to become the people we long to be, to live the lives we dream of living, and to join together in celebration of trees, water, sunshine, and sky—and to live in gratitude for friendships and for all that we love.

Today, I am going to set aside my list of worries and fears. I am going to slow down, breathe, and delight in this day. I am going to devote today to imagining: What do I want for my life? What do I want for my family? What do I want for Mother Earth and her creatures? What is my vision for a better world?

Here is what I see: Forests, clear running streams, hawks, wildflowers, coyote, bear, hills, hummingbirds, and meadows.

Here is what I see: Children playing, everywhere: Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, United States, Vietnam, Africa, China, Mexico, India . . . children laughing, frolicking, joyful.

We are happier because we have decided to work together. We have set aside grievances, revenge, and anger. We are willing to put down our swords and lift up our spirits. We problem solve now. We seek spiritual solutions. We no longer feed greed, ego, power, and fear. It feels so wonderful to release those heavy burdens. One person at a time, we are learning to build a global community. No wrong. No right. Just working for the greater whole—because we love how it feels to accomplish great things in this place and in this time. Planet Earth, our home: our lessons here in forgiveness have led us to an appreciation of the bounty before us. We know how to be.

Where do you start? How do we begin?

Today, set aside your list of worries and fears. Imagine: What is possible for your life? What is possible for your community? What would you love to see?

Spend today in vision.

Believe in your ability to change your world.

In joy & gratitude,


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