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Diana Ensign, JD

Diana Ensign, JD, is an award-winning American author and speaker. Her primary interests are spirituality, healing, and social action. She uses her writing to remind us of our shared humanity and her deeper message is always to love and care for one another. Her books include Traveling Spirit: Daily Tools for Your Life’s Journey; Heart Guide: True Stories of Grief and Healing; and The Freedom to Be: Stories from Transgender Youth, Adults, and Their Families.

The Freedom to Be was selected as a 2020 Gold Medal Winner and Heart Guide is a 2018 Gold Medal Winner in the Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY Awards).

Ensign holds a B.A. in English from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and a Juris Doctor (JD) from Wayne State University Law School in Detroit.

In addition to her books, Diana is the author of the popular blog, Spirituality for Daily Living, and her articles have been widely published in various local and national publications.

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About Diana's Books

Heart Guide Book Cover

Heart Guide: True Stories of Grief and Healing

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Freedom to Be Book Cover

The Freedom to Be: Stories from Transgender Youth, Adults, and Their Families

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Traveling Spirit Book Cover

Traveling Spirit: Daily Tools for Your Life’s Journey

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Praise for Traveling Spirit (pdf)
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Diana Ensign’s 2017 author photo by Emily Schwank, Raincliffs Photography,
Heart Guide cover illustration by Colleen Murphy, design by JD Bills.

The Freedom to Be cover photo by Mark Lee,  design by Arcane Book Covers.
Traveling Spirit
cover photo by Le Isaac Weaver,
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It is the connection to our Source and to our hearts that nourishes a deep,
abiding love for humanity, for wildlife, for nature, and for our planet.

Diana J. Ensign