Traveling Spirit:
Daily Tools for Your Life’s Journey

Traveling Spirit: Daily Tools for Your Life’s Journey is the perfect book for anyone seeking help and guidance with human suffering. If you have experienced difficulties associated with grief, loss, addictions, or dealing with any of life’s challenges, this book offers a path from suffering to happiness. The path begins within.

The journey to wholeness starts with the breath, an essential tool for any spiritual undertaking. Traveling Spirit then goes on to explore ancient spiritual techniques, from the more common practices such as yoga and meditation to the lesser-known practices of t’ai chi and shamanism. Find the joy in learning to apply spiritual tools in your daily life. There’s a link between practicing daily spiritual routines and building a more loving world community!

A percentage of the profits from the book support the Lambi Fund of Haiti, which works on reforestation in Haiti, along with women’s and girls’ health, nutrition, and education. Visit them online at

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Traveling Spirit Book Cover

“In Traveling Spirit Diana humbly with grace, clarity, and respect shares her spiritual healing journey with personal life experiences. Her openness engages a reader to relate to human suffering and to find peace and even joy. As she describes each tool, such as breath, meditation, yoga or sound (to name a few in the vast array) she provides clear instructions on how to begin a practice, how to feel encouraged as you begin, and how to continue for maximum benefits.” —Jean K Tracy, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Elmhurst, Illinois

“Based on Diana Ensign’s first-hand experience within many religious and healing traditions, Traveling Spirit is an honest, practical, and transformational blueprint for living a joyously spirited life. Whether you want to expand your practice of compassionate outreach, prayer, playfulness, meditation, or creativity, this book offers a multitude of suggestions free of dogma and full of wisdom.”  —Virginia R. Mollenkott, Ph.D., author of Sensuous Spirituality.

“Diana speaks from a place of experience and of love. You can tell she is a gentle spirit. Her book, Traveling Spirit, is encouraging and informative for and from several walks of faith. I love that she has highlighted sentences in bold print throughout the book. Just flipping through and reading those is a spiritual experience! Diana gives a lot of really good soul-searching exercises, questions, thoughts and pointers. Her writing will challenge you to become a better person as you travel on your journey.” —Rexene Lane

“Traveling Spirit is a tremendously personal and passionate resource for anyone who desires spiritual growth. No matter what has started one down this path…be it grief, loss, addiction or the simple a desire to expand ones consciousness…the tools of recovery and growth are beautifully inventoried and demystified within the pages of this book. Traveling Spirit is a sometimes poignant but always joyous reminder that the journey of spirituality and recovery can begin with just one step, one breath, one thought, or one moment at a time.”  —Kim I. Manlove, Co-Chair of the Parent Advisory Board of the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, Founding Board Member of The 24 Group 

“Why am I here? Why is there human suffering? Why am I suffering…and in such a stuck, familiar kind of way? At some point, most of us ask such questions. Many of us start by trying to change outer circumstances. Eventually, though, we realize that lasting change is an inside job. What joy there is in finding effective tools and techniques for inner change! I am so grateful for Diana’s work in writing this book in which seekers can discover so many different tools to try. May each reader be blessed with the courage to build support and community in developing these tools.”  —Pierre Couvillion, Santosha School of Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and Bodywork

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