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Welcome – 2012: Fulfilling the Vision

May I be filled with loving-kindess
May I be well
May I be peaceful and at ease
May I be happy
–Jack Kornfield,
A Path With Heart

For anyone with children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, or newborn babies, you already know that 2012 is one step further along the evolutionary path. The year 2012 isn’t viewed as doomsday when your children or grandbabies are learning to walk, getting ready to graduate high school or college, or following their passions out in the world. When we look at children, we see the future. And we see all the possibilities for that future. We see beauty and miraculous moments of discovery. We see joy and adventure. We see positive change.

Let’s collectively imagine 2012. What do we want? Take a moment to breathe, meditate, or journal and ask yourself the following questions:

What is your vision for: Your personal growth? Your workplace? Your relationship with your spouse or life partner? Your relationship with family members? Your community organizations? The planet?

Next, gently explore what steps move you toward that vision. This part of the process may require hard work and a strong commitment to change. It might require a lot of practice and more learning in the areas of forgiveness, patience, understanding, and self-love.

As adults, unlike children, we carry years of stored up habits that no longer serve us. Creating new habits takes tremendous mindfulness and effort. It can be the hardest work we do. Much courage is needed to forge fresh paths in our thinking and in our actions. But the future is waiting on us to enter lives where kindness, happiness, and joy become our daily reality.

Take some time in 2012 to watch young children playing and laughing. Take some time in 2012 to appreciate nature and the splendor of trees, rivers, oceans, or mountains. Ask Spirit to lead your heart to your true path. Then follow it–while supporting others along the way.

In joy and gratitude,


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