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We Are On the Cusp of Greatness

Thick sparkling white frost on the brown stems of a bush, Photo by Laury Wallace

Photo by Laury Wallace


“The wounding becomes sacred when we are willing to release our old stories and to become the vehicle through which the new story may emerge into time.”

—Jean Houston 

“In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity.”

—Albert Einstein


This morning, bright sunlight shimmered across the snow revealing tiny droplets of color that sparkled across the frozen landscape like small jewels. I’ve never seen anything quite like it: an extraordinary moment of exquisite beauty amidst the endless white and grey of winter.

To be on the cusp means to be at a point of transition, where something is about to change. Even in winter, nature is a wonderful example of these unfolding and ongoing transformations.

Collectively, we are at such a moment in time now: on the cusp of greatness.

As we become more aware of this extraordinary space between what has been and what new changes are yet to emerge, one question we might ask ourselves is: How do we define greatness?

Perhaps it is better health for more people. Perhaps it is better health for our planet, along with a greater recognition that caring for our environment (air, water, soil, plants, trees, forests, and wildlife) is caring for our health and well-being. Perhaps it is a willingness to work together to safeguard the magnificent splendor of our planet for future generations. Perhaps it is a readiness to learn from nature.

While watching a National Geographic documentary, Into the Okavango, I learned of an inspiring young female biologist who, despite hardships as a child from the ravages of war in Angola, found hope in working with others to save the river that feeds the Okavango Delta. This small group of dedicated individuals undertook an arduous 1,500-mile expedition to preserve one of the earth’s last great wilderness wetlands. She says at the end of the film, “Sometimes it’s not what is in your bank account. It’s what you do.”

We all have the capacity for greatness: each and every one of us. All we need do is see where we are called to put forth our efforts toward a meaningful life.

What is our gift? What is our passion? What are we willing to work toward saving?

Leave no room for doubt. Leave no room for fear. Leave no room for indecision. Leave no room for greed, envy, hatred, or pettiness.

Instead, align with people doing the work. Align with people who care. Align with nature. Align with health. Align with lifelong learning. Align with an intention to contribute to the greater good.

We are capable and ready to handle the challenges we face.

I believe in our capacity to overcome adversity.

I believe in our collective goodness.

I believe in us.

The time for living our compassion, our abundance, our health, and our love is now.

We may not always see the pivotal cusp of a cultural shift until we are on the other side of it. But make no mistake; we are living into it now.


Peace & Love,

Diana Ensign

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