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Grief: “Let It Be”

A flower lighted by the colors of the sunset against a background of green grass

“Stay connected to people. If you are open to things getting better, then beautiful things happen in the wake of devastation.” –Sandra Harris (Heart Guide) 

“My friends expected me to go into a dark period. My resolution was to become a survivor … I was grateful his suffering was over.” –David Traylor (Heart Guide)

I was listening to the rain this morning. It started as a light drizzle with raindrops softly falling from the gray sky above. Then, a gush of wind suddenly swept through the trees, joined by a clap of thunder off in the distance. As the storm intensified, I saw a flash of lightning and noticed the loud torrent of water hitting the rooftop and quickly forming pools of water in the yard.

Gradually, the wind subsided and the rain returned to a gentle shower, nourishing the plants and soil. I heard the birds chirping and observed how green the earth appeared: as though washed clean.

Do you remember the last time you simply sat and listened to the rain, without judging it as good or bad?

Our grief is often similar to a spring or summer rainstorm. It may come in waves: sometimes barely discernible, like a light drizzle in the background of our days. Other times, it arrives in a sudden heavy downpour of sadness, anger, regret, or fear.

Maybe today, we can just let our grief be. Let ourselves be. Let other people be who they need to be. Let our tears release all that weighs heavy on our hearts. Let go of trying to force or control. And let our spiritual practices sustain us as we tenderly and gently care for the deep hurts in our soul.

As I attend to a family member’s memorial service this week, I remind myself to breathe. To meditate. To listen to the rain and to observe the emotions that arise.

I know many of us have lost loved ones. I know we are never alone in our grief.

When the rains of grief arrive at our doorstep, here’s a passage from The Tao Te Ching that may help us remember to just be:

Open yourself to heaven and earth,
and be like the forces of nature:
when the wind blows, there is only wind;
when it rains, there is only rain;
when the clouds pass, the sun shines through. 

Let there be peaceful moments in your heart this day.


Peace & Love,

Diana Ensign

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