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Redefining Normal: How to Relax into Wellness

"In Bloom" - Photo by Marg Herder“How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then to rest afterward.” — Spanish Proverb

“Stop being who you were and change into who you are.” —Paulo Coelho

Years ago, I read a passage by Eckhart Tolle talking about the emotional pain-body. He says that if we are accustomed to the negative energy of the pain-body, we may recreate it in our life again and again, because it feels normal. Likewise, scientists note that if our body is used to the chemicals produced by stress (such as high levels of adrenaline), we may seek out experiences to fuel that physical rush or, perhaps, to avoid simply being with our own emotions.

Despite a culture that seems to thrive on mental and physical busyness, I believe most of us desire just the opposite. We would prefer more peaceful moments in our lives and less drama. We desire happiness, both for ourselves and for others. We want a meaningful life and work that matters, but without it taking an unnecessary toll on our health or negatively impacting those we love.

So, what does normal look like in a world that values inner peace and emotional wellbeing?

Here are a few strategies we might incorporate in our lives, our families, our careers, our schools, our organizations, and our governance that could move us toward a healthy normal:

  • Valuing our own creativity.
  • Encouraging our inner reflection and self-awareness.
  • Nourishing our spirits with play, self-care, and downtime.
  • Guiding our actions with kindness, compassion, and generosity.
  • Accepting healing, grieving, growing, and forgiving as lifelong processes.
  • Employing peaceful conflict resolution skills for problem solving.
  • Defining leadership as service to others, not ego-driven quests for power.
  • Honoring and respecting nature, not profit that is based on human greed.
  • Recognizing that healthy food, healthy air, healthy soil, and healthy water (i.e. our planet’s wellbeing), is undeniably linked to our own wellbeing.

Spring is a wonderful time for planting new seeds. Which seeds in your life need nourishment? Who are you when you let in sunshine and warmth? What allows the garden of your heart to fully blossom?

As nature’s soft pink cherry blossoms remind us, be gentle with yourself. Take some time to peacefully breathe. Listen to the birds. Watch the squirrels. Imagine the splendor that is possible when we align with all that is tender, beautiful, and precious in our lives.


In joy & gratitude,

Diana J. Ensign

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