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An Invitation to Calm and Inner Peace

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“Within you, there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.
–Hermann Hesse

I haven’t written anything over the last few months. In truth, I haven’t been working on anything new in almost a year. The pandemic, along with the loss of a family member and other personal heartaches, definitely took their toll on my emotional well-being. Perhaps your year has also had heartache or unexpected challenges?

It’s not easy to stay centered and balanced during times of upheavals.

As such, I’ve been practicing what I preach: taking some time out, figuring out what I need to be happy, and re-connecting with people who remind me to gently care for my mental and emotional wellness.

Life’s difficult trials, perhaps more than at any other time, call upon us to dive deep into our spiritual practices. With inward-focusing practices such as meditation, prayer, or quiet reflective time, we can re-examine our priorities and listen more closely to our hearts.

While my writing has been limited during my own inner-reflective work, I did want to share with you my interview on the Fit For Joy podcast, hosted by Valeria Teles. We talk about my backstory and creative process, some of life’s “big” questions, as well as how to gain greater access to calm and inner peace. My hope is that it will be of value to you during this time of change, healing, growth, and learning.

Take a moment to listen to the interview (click here), and consider how you might answer some of the questions posed.

May you be well, and may the inner sanctuary of your heart be filled with everlasting harmony and peace.

Peace & Love,

Diana Ensign

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