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Clarity of Vision: Hearing the Hawk’s Call

Red Tailed Hawk - Photo by 44kmos

“The sky is the realm of the hawk … It awakens our vision and inspires us to a creative life purpose.” —Ted Andrews, Animal Speak

“I am a voice for the voiceless … speaking for our Mother Earth.” —Agnes Baker Pilgrim (Morningstar) Takelma Siletz, Native American elder

Years ago, a friend’s husband suffered a stroke and was admitted to a nearby hospital. As I was driving to work, I heard a hawk’s high-pitched shriek and knew instantly – without doubt, without hesitation, and without concern for other daily matters – that I was needed at the hospital, soon. That type of knowing is a strong tug of the heart. We feel it.

All of us have that inner capacity to hear what is needed. Often, the noise of the world temporarily blocks it out – with the busyness of jobs, disputes, personal electronics, and various external distractions. But when we slow down and quietly listen, we can hear the call of the next right thing being asked of us. Some of us access this knowing through meditation, some through contemplative prayer, some through drumming, some through dance, some through art, some through song, and some through nature. And sometimes, especially during a crisis, that knowing arrives unbidden.

Regardless of what facilitates the call, what’s imperative is that we honor our heart’s knowing. It’s not always easy. The world (or our minds) may try to tell us that our intuition, our Spirit, and our knowing are not high priorities. Nevertheless, we must remain steadfast in our conviction not to let doubts or fears stand in the way of our deep well of wisdom.

The heart’s tug is a reminder of what’s truly important and lasting: Kindness. Love. Compassion. Healing. Our inner knowing helps us see with clarity: This planet is our earth home. Land, water, trees, and sky are worthy. Future generations are worthy. We are worthy.

The work we do in this world matters. Our collective voices matter. And those without voice are counting on us to slow down, to listen, and to respond.

May we heed the pull of our heart and understand that the call is urgent. Life will not wait: We are ready. Our time to soar is now.

And just in case there are any remaining doubts, the majestic red-tail hawk landed on the oak tree branch outside my window while I convey this message to you.


In joy & gratitude,


Diana J. Ensign


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