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Embracing the Mosaic of Our Lives

"Mosaic" - Digital Image by Marg Herder“Each of us puts in one little stone, and then you get a great mosaic at the end.”
—Alice Paul (American Suffragist)

“People are fighting over how our heartsongs are different. But they don’t need to be the same. That’s the beauty. We are a mosaic of gifts.”
—Mattie J.T Stepanek

I admire people who pursue worthy causes with great passion. They give voice to the healing of our planet. I also respect individuals and groups who adhere to the loving tenants of their spiritual or religious traditions: those brave souls who consistently walk the talk of compassion, kindness, tolerance, justice, and peace.

It’s not always easy to be a voice for humanity in a world that relentlessly clamors for fear and hate mongering. Not being distracted by the noise of hate, but instead focusing our heart on our highest calling, is tough work.

Like mosaics—made with brilliant shards of glass, tile, or stone—our heart-songs are both unique and magnificent. We may have colorful pieces in shades of blue, green, yellow, or rose. Some of us may have pieces dedicated to important work such as addiction recovery, mental health awareness, animal adoptions, yoga instruction, counseling services, public education, civil rights advocacy, habitat restoration, or urban gardening. Others may have exquisite pieces reflecting the work of raising children or pursuing dreams out in the world.

The beauty of mosaics is in all the varied bits and pieces. There are broken pieces. Magical pieces. Wise pieces. Calm pieces. Creative pieces. Joyful pieces. Forlorn pieces. And pieces from all the hearts we’ve touched.

But what about the sharp, cutting pieces we know to be harmful? Perhaps they are the reminders of the work yet to be done: the work we came here to complete.

One piece of my mosaic is this blog. It is a simple thing. It is also a part of me that I share with you. Whatever your work in this world, don’t give up. Valuable fragments often come from ordinary, daily pursuits. No one can duplicate or replace your piece in this life.

All of our pieces combined form the spectacular mosaics of our earth community. The pieces from our families, neighborhoods, and local organizations—along with the vibrant stone, glass, and tile fragments from across the planet—transform the world.

Each day, we create our beautiful, collective mosaic—with millions of small acts done in love. Together, we fashion a luminous path toward a bright future. 


In joy & gratitude,


Diana J. Ensign

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