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Fearless Living from a Boundless Heart

Dandelion - Photo by Marg Herder

The more you are motivated by Love,
The more Fearless and Free your action will be
—Dalai Lama

Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve… You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.
—Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In the movie Selma, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. receives encouragement from a friend while they sit together in a jail cell. The friend reminds Dr. King to “look at the birds of the sky that neither sow nor reap nor gather in barns” and asks if he isn’t as deserving of the divine care of God. In another scene, while Dr. King is expressing his concern that things will never change, a friend reminds the minister of his own inspirational words during a speech, that we must not stop until justice is achieved. What I appreciate about these moments of vulnerability is the reminder that during times of monumental change, even great leaders are human.

Living a fearless life does not mean we are devoid of doubts. It does not mean we are never afraid. It also does not mean we don’t make mistakes. Fearless living from a boundless heart simply means we are motivated by love. So much so, that when we are frightened, or even if our own safety is threatened, we act on what we know to be deeper truths. We gain courage as we go and trust that Spirit will show us the way.

What are those deeper truths? A few I follow:

  • All people are created equal. That includes same gender loving people. It includes people from far away lands. It includes people of different religions. It includes people who are poor. It includes people of all races and skin hues, from midnight black, earthen red, pale sky white, sunlit orange, to soft oak brown. It includes all genders and gender variations. It includes people otherwise abled: those who can’t hear, or can’t see, or can’t walk and yet have incredible gifts to offer. It includes the multitude of people who don’t fit a narrow definition of “normal.” All people.
  • This planet is our home. We are part of the web of life. Those intricate and beautiful strands of our interconnected web include the air, water, trees, fish, birds, soil, butterflies, eagles, hawks, coyotes, bears, worms, spiders, snakes, bees, bats, mountains, and sun, along with flowers, apples, pears, strawberries, walnuts, mushrooms, cherries, avocados, lemons, oranges, and olives. “What we do to the web, we do to ourselves.”
  • We evolve. Nothing stays static. As we learn, grow, adapt, improvise, invent, change, imagine, and create, we become more than we are today. We evolve in mind, body, and spirit. As we do so, our institutions evolve, our religions evolve, our policies evolve, our understanding evolves, our laws evolve, and our governance evolves. Change is an on-going, endless process of growth and renewal.
  • Each person can make a difference. This belief is not a mere platitude. Making a difference requires work. It can be joyful work. It can be meditative, inner work. It can be challenging work out in the world. But each person is called to do his or her part—however insignificant our role may seem and regardless of socially imposed barriers. Alan Turing, the Enigma code-breaker and pioneer of modern computing comes to mind; he was gay, non-social, brilliant at solving puzzles, and critical to the success of the code breaking team during the Second World War. Don’t discount small acts of kindness, patience, and generosity as well. These are the world’s treasures.

How do we obtain boundless, fearless living? Align with love. When we base our actions on love, we gain strength to step away from outmoded thinking and destructive habits. Align with friends. We can hold each other when times get tough. Align with Spirit to eliminate outside chatter and to go deep within for answers. Align with sources of inspiration. They serve to boost our confidence. Finally, align with the wisdom of your heart and the knowing of your soul.


In joy & gratitude, 

Diana J. Ensign




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