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Hey, You’ve Accomplished A LOT!

Looking down the beach at a setting sun with people walking and riding bikes.
Photo Credit: Emmeline Ensign

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” —Albert Einstein

“Stay positive and keep moving forward. Better days are on their way.” —Anonymous

Sometimes we get into the habit of focusing on all the things that aren’t going well in our lives. But if we are kind to ourselves as we look back over the past year, there are many things we accomplished. Just working through challenges can be a huge achievement!

As we move into the New Year, let’s carry forward from 2022 the things that made for our happiness and our wellbeing: The things we’re proud of. The things we did well.

Try making a list of your achievements from the past year: A 2022 Accomplishment Recap. These don’t have to be big things or even things other people would consider successes. For instance, I applied for three writing grants and did not get any of them. But I am putting those applications on my accomplishment list because at least I tried, and I am proud of my efforts; they remind me that I am not easily dissuaded. I am working hard toward fulfilling my dreams.

What might you put on your accomplishment list? Maybe you set up healthy boundaries for yourself, or updated your resume for a job search, or took some time for self-care. Maybe you helped someone with a kind word or maybe you received a kind word for something you did. Maybe you tried a new recipe, reached out to a friend, or made a conscious decision to smile at the people ringing up your groceries or waiting on you in the restaurant. Maybe you made it through changes that were really hard: perhaps you ended a relationship, lost someone you loved, moved to a new city, or started over in your career. Maybe you said no to something that you didn’t want or said yes to something that felt scary but helped you advance in a positive direction.

Take a look at your accomplishment list and give yourself a pat on the back! You did those things despite the difficulties.

Now as we head into the New Year, ask yourself, “What do I WANT for my life?”

We don’t have to make a long list of resolutions. We just need to create more of what we want moving forward. As Maya Angelou wisely noted, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

Be well.


Peace & Love,

Diana Ensign

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