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It’s Been A Hard Year . . .

Water drops on Fall Leaves

“Each new day, we begin again.”  — A Moment of Calm

Over the holidays, I will be at a hotel near UM Hospital for a family member who is having open-heart surgery. Due to COVID restrictions, we cannot visit the hospital. I know I am not the only one in this situation. Many of us have family members who are experiencing health issues. Many of us have lost loved ones. Many of us are feeling the added stress and sadness related to physical isolation, disruption of cherished holiday traditions, and perhaps financial struggles as well.

So what I want to write about today is something simple.

It’s okay to feel sad.

It’s okay.

As we move into 2021, I think it helps to understand what we want to release before we talk about where we want to head in the days to come.

Release with the in breath. Release with the out breath.

A moment just to breathe.

A moment to reflect.

A few questions I ask myself: What am I learning? When I speak, am I honest? Have I said, “I love you” to the people I care about? Have I done my best?

Another thing I want to share:

Even in the midst of life’s losses and challenges and heartbreak, there is a center of beauty. A center of peace. It is always there. We access it when we meditate or pray. We access it when we walk in nature. We access it when we listen to uplifting music. We access it when we find inspirational readings that remind us:

The waves may crash mightily around us. Yet something holds the center. Something shows us the tiny water droplets containing sparkling rays of sunlight. I don’t know what that something is. I just know it is there. I know it deep within my heart. And when I love myself and love you and love the world … the center expands.

Peaceful moments to each of you this holiday season. 

Be well. Be kind.

Be gentle with yourselves and with others.


Diana Ensign

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