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On the Journey of Change

“Hear the children crying (One Love!); Hear the children crying (One Heart!), let’s
get together and feel all right.”
-Bob Marley – One Love (song lyrics)

What does it take to embody great change? Love, kindness, respect . . .

There’s a remarkable video from the award-winning documentary, “Playing for Change: Peace through Music,” that shows an international rendition of Bob Marley’s “One Love” song.  You can find it here on YouTube. Singers from India, Israel, South Africa, and other nations join voices to create global harmony . . . by putting their musical gifts to good use.

What does it take to move us in a healthy direction? Consensus, listening, respect . . .

How do we release the hold on ego, fear, judgment, anger, hate, prejudice, and destruction?

Some suggestions:

  • Surrender to God’s will, open the heart, and fill your soul with light and love.
  • Practice Prayer and Meditation.
  • Sing
  • Love Nature.
  • Hug a child. Hold a pet. Lean against a tall tree. Sit in the sun. Breathe. Relax.
  • Release.
  • Take in what the Universe offers–with reverence, gratitude, and well-being.
    Let go of the mental clutter. Let go of the urge to get caught up in chaos. Let go of the need to cling fiercely to negativity.
  • Walk in peace. Walk with Spirit.
  • Be of Service.

Great change requires . . . Courage, Practice, and Patience. And you are the only one who can do the work inside your soul. You don’t have to change anyone else. Change yourself–that is enough.  Affirmation: Today my heart is loved. My essence forever protected.

In joy and gratitude,

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