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Our Earth, Our Home

"Turning" - Photo by Marg Herder“Help me always to speak the truth quietly, to listen with an open mind when others speak, and to remember the peace that may be found in silence.”  —Cherokee Prayer

“You are a child of the sun, you come from the sun, and that is something true with the Earth also … your relationship with the Earth is so deep, and the Earth is in you.”  —Thich Nhat Hanh

We are entering a new day.

Sit quietly, listen to the breeze gently brushing dry, crumpled leaves across the hard ground, and remember all who came before.

During periods of uncertainty, inner stillness brings us strength: Strength of heart, strength of mind, and strength of spirit. Calm introspection illuminates not only our interior landscape but also the tender beauty and sharp harshness of world around us. When we are mindful of our motives and intentions, as well as aware of the natural world in which we live, we become better at releasing the ego’s fierce grip on position, status, power, and greed.

In stillness, we don’t have to know all the answers. We don’t have to be right. And we don’t have to prove a point. To rest in the silence of unknowing is not a sign a weakness. It means we are open, and we are ready to hear the call of our heart. Then, we can ask: What is my role? How may I serve? How do I celebrate and appreciate the gifts of my life? 

To begin:

Align your heart with what you truly love.

Know you are here for a reason.

Develop a profound reverence for nature, for wildlife, for flowing streams, and for sunshine. Cultivate compassion for humanity.

Let Spirit be your guide.

Stay strong.

Inner calm is mighty. It is the courage to get up each day despite hardships. It is the willingness to bear witness to loss, anguish, betrayal, death, and destruction. It is the capacity to hear the silence of children who speak volumes with their eyes. It is the ability to cry when tears are needed and the ability to laugh when human folly presents itself. It is the determination to hold fast to a vision that serves our earth home. It is a positive force that ripples out into the world in a myriad of beautiful ways.

Close your eyes and feel life’s energy course through the center of your being, connecting you to trees, clouds, hawks, caterpillars, howling wolves, rustling leaves, and the bright moon on a still, dark night. Surround the essence of your soul in this eternal sacred space.

Remember who you are: A vast galaxy of stars, continuing the work of walking on this earth . . . each new day.


In joy & gratitude, 

Diana J.  Ensign

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