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Peaceful Earth Warriors: Our Spiritual Awakening is Here, Now

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”  —Nelson Mandela 

“I am no longer afraid of life. A deep and abiding sense of calm and of poise flows through me.” —Ernest Holmes, Discover a Richer Life.

Summer Flowers - Photo by Marg HerderThis is a momentous time in our collective history. We have access to amazing, earth-friendly technology, science, and wisdom. We have the ability to make life-affirming choices. We have an opportunity to create a new story for the next generation to pass down to their children. That story is our love for this planet, our love for nature, and our love for each other. This birthing of mindful compassion and mutual understanding is a spiritual truth carried within each of us: stored in molecules as ancient as the stars and passed down from the world’s great wisdom teachers. It is the story of earth citizens living together in harmony on this beautiful planet: a reality we craft each day as we learn new ways of being.

How do we nurture the gentle unfolding of this story?

We close our eyes, take a slow, deep breath, and we remember. We remember our birthright: the wide-eyed wonderment of a child newly born into an exquisite diversity of life. We remember a planet teeming with forests, flowing streams, mountains, berries, fruit trees, songbirds, foxes, coyotes, wolves, deer, hawks, and falcons. The air is clear. The water clean. The sky blue. We hear the hawk’s call and view from high above this magnificent red, yellow, white, black, and green tapestry we call home. We are no longer afraid to live, speak, or act on behalf of all life.

Then, with inner vision, we travel out toward space where we observe the entire cosmos. Beneath our gaze is an azure globe spinning in vast darkness surrounded by a galaxy of bright stars: our earth home. From this distance, we know humans are living out their earthly lifespans along with the caterpillar, butterfly, ant, salmon, turtle, otter, bear, and snake. We know there is no reason to be divided by politics, borders, race, religion, nationality, gender, territory, skin color, eye color, or any other arbitrary distinction, because – like a field of wildflowers – the rich variety of human life on this planet is a miraculous gift. No single person or flower is better or above another. No single person or flower is in control of our destiny.

We plant seeds of universal accord when we remember that we are here, as guests, for only a brief while. What makes us truly happy is never that which destroys. Rather, it is the connection to our Source and to our hearts that nourishes a deep, abiding love for humanity, for wildlife, for nature, and for our planet.

This conscious transformation began eons ago; yet, we carry it forward with our breath, our prayers, our thoughts, and our words. In each waking moment, we live our peaceful warrior earth story.


In joy & gratitude,


Diana J. Ensign

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