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You Are Worthy, You Are Loved

Paddling - Photo by Emmeline Ensign“I open my eyes every day, feel my heart beating, and realize I have a purpose.” —David Traylor (HEART GUIDE, in memory of his life partner Bruce and his mother Doris.)

“The message I got was that regardless of who is around and what happens, I’m still loved and I am love. I have gifts to offer. I have gifts to share.” —Bonnie Bomer (HEART GUIDE, in memory of her son Tommy).

June is often a celebratory month with weddings, graduation parties, gay pride parades, and Father’s Day outings. If you are fortunate, the significant milestones in your life are filled with the loving support of friends and family members.

Not everyone, however, receives compassionate care during major life events. External sources—including close family members, in-laws, church communities, and society at large—can sometimes heap destructive judgments on our experiences. In times of confusion, we may unwittingly internalize these false beliefs, adding our own share of negative self-talk.

How do we get to a place of self-love and self-acceptance? How do we navigate through guilt or fear? How do we proceed when someone we love has died or when an old way of life no longer serves us?

Do we believe in our worthiness and in our right to happiness?

Our journey on this earth always involves learning, growing, and changing. That process of evolution never ends—not during our lifetime and not during the lifetimes of the generations to come. We may not find it easy to embrace change. And it certainly isn’t easy for most of us to let go! Yet, life will not let us cling forever to the shore while the rivers of growth are flowing. We may resist, or encounter temporary setbacks, but life moves forward.What we learn during our brief sojourn on this planet is our greatest source of wisdom. Our capacity for continual expansion lights the way toward healing and toward wholeness. Always, our inner knowing is our strength.

Affirm daily: I am loved. I am worthy. I am here for a reason.

Don’t let any disparaging voices dissuade you from your path. As Einstein said, “Avoid negative people. They have a problem for every solution.” Instead, let Spirit be your guide. Let love be your motivator. Let compassion be your center. Let joy be your practice.


Peace and love,


Diana Ensign

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