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2013: Harmony

“Harmony in sound is music. Harmony in movement is dance. Harmony in mind is meditation. Harmony in life is celebration!”
–sri sri Ravi Shankar

“To achieve vital harmony in a picture it must be constructed out of parts in themselves incomplete, brought into harmony only at the last stroke.”
–Paul Klee

There was a child born today, with small delicate fingers, bright eyes, and a tender soul still deeply connected to Spirit.

Around the newborn child are many wonders: a vast sky, warm sun, hills, meadows, forests, streams, rivers, and birds. Nighttime stars and a brilliant moon shine above.

Listen closely, quietly. Place your hand over your heart. Can you feel your heart beating? Here is what the heart knows:

Music, laughter, family, love, dancing.

That is the path forward: The ability to set all else aside for the sake of children everywhere and for the earth home that we share.

Do you remember the small child inside?

Look up at the sky. Breathe. Release. Forgive.

A willingness to work, dream, build, and create a life of love is a wonderful gift.

When we dance, sing, celebrate, and walk in nature, we connect with Spirit. We become the joy we seek. We join hands. We join hearts.

We live in harmony, because we honor the universal heartbeat of ALL.

May it be so.

In joy & gratitude,

Diana J. Ensign

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